Dragon Auto Smart Repairs - Mobile Cosmetic Car Body Repair located in Lincoln, United Kingdom
Typical Repairs Stone Chips Scratches Plastic Bumpers Upholstery Windscreen Chips Minor Dents Alloy Wheels
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THANK-YOU for choosing Dragon Auto SMART Repairs!

We are dedicated to providing you the best in cosmetic automotive repairs and most importantly of all to help you save time and money without resorting to expensive bodyshop repairs. Save up to 75% off bodyshop prices. For most repairs, that means no need to claim on your insurance either. Good news indeed for you and your car!

How? By using the latest SMART Repair techniques we only spray/repair the damaged area and not the whole panel which a bodyshop would have to do.

Being a fully mobile car body repair service, we can come straight to you and normal repairs would take 45 minutes tops.
So we will do the repairs on the spot. All we will need is access to a power supply from your house to work our equipment by extension. 

We will always phone ahead to let you know we are on our way so you can promptly get on with your day as soon as we've performed the repairs to your satisfaction. Check out some of happy customers! 

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Exciting news, we’re having our website revamped. So watch this space!
We’ll announce our shiny, brand spanking new website on our Facebook page once it’s ready to launch 😊