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Typical Repairs

These are damages categorised into common types of repairs that we are able to do. Stone Chips, Scratches, Plastic Bumpers, Upholstery, Windscreen Chips, Minor Dents and Alloy Wheels are amongst our most frequent repairs.

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for descriptions on each S.M.A.R.T. repairs we can achieve. From there you can access 'before and after' photos on repairs we have done for our already satisfied customers. Or you can go straight to the Gallery section to view all the different examples of repair.

We have included other restoration works that do not fit into the above categories under More Repairs. Nonetheless, are all worthy projects that we have done for our previous customers!

Please forward all enquiries to info@dragonautosmartrepairs.co.uk
or call our number below to speak to one our technicians direct for more detailed advice or to make an appointment for assessment.

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