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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a franchise?
By not being a franchise we get to control the two important factors of our business: fees and operational flexibility. With no initial or ongoing fees to pay to a Franchisor we can keep expenses appreciably low without ever having to compromise the quality of our service.

14 - Are you a franchise?
15 - What is the difference between SMART and bodyshop repairs?
16 - What if I have a complaint?
17 - Does the car need to be removed?
18 - Is there a job repair too big?
19 - Are your products safe?
20 - Why would you need to postpone some repairs?
21 - How soon can I wash my car after the repair?
22 - How permanent is an upholstery repair?
23 - Can I expect bodyshop finish?
24 - Can you quote for and complete repair work in my area?
25 - Why do you sometimes need to charge for call-out?
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